HYPERAX Fuse RV - Upright Bike Rack - 2 inch Hitch - Capacity Load 45 LB Per Bike (TSGSGS-JW00647401)

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We provide one of the top bike hitch rack, with everything from a magnificent vertical hanging design to a heavy duty high-capacity bike mount rack. The safety cable and hardened steel construction are durable accessories that will last for years to come. Our bike carrier hitch mount is also theft resistant because it features a unique security lock that can only be opened with the provided key. It also comes with a Velcro patch for better security. This is an additional layer of security that provides a maximum level of safety to your bikes.

HANGING CRADLE STYLE BIKE RACK – Our upright bike racks make a great towing accessory, allowing cyclists to carry their bikes conveniently and securely in their vehicles. You won't have to completely disassemble the bicycle to store it in the trunk, which is ideal for those who are afraid of or incapable of storing bicycles in open trunks.

WEIGHT CAPACITY - This bike rack for car is a practical and robust carrier that can handle up to four bikes weighing 45-pounds each for a total weight of 180 pounds. This is enough to accommodate heavy bikes like mountain bikes. The bike rack for SUV can is also tilt-able so you can easily access your trunk of the car whenever in need.

QUALITY PRODUCT - The bike rack hitch is made from high-quality metal, which makes it able to hold the weight of heavy bikes making it a great hitch for bikes. The metal rack of hitch bike rack is covered with rubber tube like cover ensuring that there will be no scratches or paint damage on your bike or car if it comes into touch with it.

SAFE & SECURE TRANSFER- We provide proper security system along with our hitch mount bike rack for you to have a worry-free trip. This bike racks for tow hitch comes with a steel safety cable to keep your bikes safe from theft. To carry your bike securely, the hitch receiver is secured by a ½ inch pin and a key lockset, keeping the rack sturdy so it does not wobble.

EASY TO USE – It is quite easy to load and unload bikes from the trailer hitch bike rack. Our bicycle rack is very easy to setup and maintain.  It is compatible with 2” hitch receiver class 3 or higher for RV.  This cycle rack can accommodate most e-bikes, fat wheels, and mountain bikes. 


  • Product: Hyperax Bike Rack

  • Style: Fuse- RV Hanging Cradle

  • Color: Black

  • Weight Capacity: Up-to Total Of 180 Lbs.; 45 Lbs. Weight Per Bike

  • Material: Heavy Duty Metal and Aluminum

  • Compatible Receiver Hitch:  Compatible with 2” Hitch Receiver Class 3 or Higher for RV

  • Quality: Sturdy, Durable, and Easy to Assemble

  • Bike Holding Capacity: Bicycle Hitch Rack 2 Bike

  • Security: Dual Key Locks


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