ODC-710A|Heavy Duty Surface Rack and Pinion Door Closer with Standard Arm, 1 to 6 Adjustable Spring Size

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Leave the room with control and without inconvenience with our ODC-710A Heavy Duty Surface Rack and Pinion Door Closer! Designed at a high standard, our ODC-710A Heavy Duty Surface Rack and Pinion Door Closer is secure, reliable, and high-performance hardware, providing you with a hassle-free and convenient experience.

  • ✅ CONVENIENT FEATURES - Enjoy hydraulic Closing and Latching while maintaining Quiet and Secure Door Closure. The Power Spring Adjustment size 1-6 and Back heck & Delayed Action valves come standard on this unit. The commercial-grade arm closes the door slowly enough to allow a graceful entrance and exit and won’t interfere when opening.
  • ✅ FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Leave the room without the door hitting you on your way out. You can adjust the closing and latching speed for a seamless and smooth control that prevents unwanted slamming, with an adjustable back check function that provides extra protection to the pedestrians on the other side when opening the door.
  • ✅ FULLY FEATURED - The door closer works with all types of medium and heavy doors, right- and left-opened doors, metal doors, fire doors, wood doors, and glass doors for home and office doors. It provides a variety of mounting methods, such as a standard door mount on the pull side, a top jamb mount on the push side, and a parallel arm bracket mount.
  • ✅ SAFE AND RELIABLE - Speed adjustable to slow the door down as a child safety feature to prevent injury. It closes the door slowly to keep children and pets safe from wandering out and gives you peace of mind, especially if you have a pool. A delay action and back check function provide an extra buffer to protect the users. Also, it is compliant with ANSI GI and UL standards.
  • ✅ VERSATILE AND DURABLE - When you need a versatile and durable door closer, look no further than this Hydraulic Automatic Door Closer. It is suitable for both medium and high-traffic areas. It is highly customized and available in silver, brown, gold, black, or white colors upon request and discussion.